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    On the fundamental ideas, that led to the most suitable solution for effortless managerial and financial accounting and business processes management.

    Oleg DENIS, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BJet: – On the fundamental ideas, that led to the most suitable solution for effortless managerial and financial accounting and business processes management. There were some essential views and shared concepts among the founders and initial team, that comprised the very core of BJet ERP, and to which we stay true from day one…

    First and foremost, we strived to ensure our businesses’ financial information security, commercial secrecy, and mediately — Ukrainian economy from any potential monopoly, so we needed to produce a healthy alternative. At the same time, we aspire to help CEOs and business owners reduce recurrent software maintenance expenses and new systems implementation costs while offering functional systemic tools to cover all operational checkpoints. To achieve this goal, we adopted a modular approach, that allows you to take the nucleus platform and build a custom, holistic system, by adding and modifying those particular modules, specific to your needs.

    Developing our product, we have not had in mind a corner-shop owner — that guy manages perfectly well with a single spreadsheet in his smartphone. BJet was developed for small to medium businesses with a more extensive organizational structure, requiring delegating, instant synchronization of several departments, and professional instruments for planning, data analysis, and control.

    Nowadays, most growing companies manipulate several to a few dozens of various management solutions at the same time. If we are talking IT business, on average they are likely to utilize 10 to 15 applications and systems simultaneously. I witnessed the IT moguls joggling up to 32 business management systems. For almost a decade this has been a pain point for us all.

    We offer an all-in-one complex solution, but there is no need to replace all of your current instruments at once. For instance, if you use Jira and it meets your needs — great! We can integrate it with BJet ERP!

    BJet ERP is open-source software, and hence there is no inherent dependency on particular developers or service providers. If you choose to maintain the system yourself — you are more than welcome! Our system is Python-based, which is currently the most widely used multi-purpose programming language there is. You will have no trouble with hiring a skilled student or finding freelance assistance whenever you need it, wherever you are.

    To summarize, I have a simple message for small and medium-sized businesses — we can offer you a standard solution with the usual for your field standard operational flow, the way it works beautifully for 90% of successful firms. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Start with what others have done, repeat it step by step, and you will be okay.

    We aim for the sustainable longevity of BJet ERP on the market for many years to come, as it is a long-needed and strategically important product for small and medium-sized businesses, our economy, and Ukraine.